How well do you
really know

Our short self-tests and questionnaires are a great way to gain a better understanding of yourself and support you along the path of self-reflection. Solutions to our problems often lie within ourselves, so we encourage you to embark on this journey of exploration and self-discovery. We hope you enjoy the ride!

Test yourself

Work-related stress self-test

A 5-minute self-test to evaluate your current stress-level related to your job and how you are managing it.

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Anxiety self-test

A 5-minute self-test to evaluate your current anxiety level and how you are managing it.

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Circadian rhythm test

What is your sleep-wake cycle?

Are you more of a morning person? Do you tend to get up late? Take this self-test to discover your chronotype! Our chronotype has a significant impact on our general health and wellness.

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Decision making test

How good are you at decision making?

Do you question your decisions and choices? Are you able to make decisions easily? Take this test to understand how you make decisions and how this impacts your daily life!

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Relationship satisfaction test

How strong is your relationship? This test will help you evaluate how satisfied you are with your relationship. No relationship is similar to another nor should there be any standard. However, there are things we can work on to help prevent and alleviate some of the relationship issues we can face.

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Life satisfaction test

Are you generally satisfied with life?

How do you rate your life? This test looks at how you see your life and whether or not it corresponds to your expectations and desires. Take the test to find out more!

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