Vivapp is an online coaching service created to help you cope with challenging situations and guide you to achieve your life goals.

Vivapp is for everyone who needs to cope with a difficult situation or tries to achieve a challenging goal. Whether it is dealing with a lack of energy, anxiety, stress, relationships problems or having a dream of self improvement, Vivapp is here to give you a helping hand.

You just answer a few questions to explain your challenge or problem and immediately afterwards you will be able to set up a time for your first and free session with your coach. Then the coach will help you define possible next steps and you can decide what plan is better for you.

All Vivapp’s coaches are experts in their specialty with years of practice. They all are certified for online counselling.

Also, our coaches abide by a strict deontology code which preserves your privacy. What you exchange with your coach remains between you two and is strictly confidential.

If you want to lead a more balanced life and reduce the impact of “downs”, there are several reasons to use Vivapp. It’s completely online so you can talk about your problems discreetly from anywhere you choose to. Getting somebody to talk to is quicker than with the usual ways.

The most convenient way to use Vivapp is with your smartphone or tablet. It works both on iPhones and Android devices as a native app or as a web app throughout the latest version Chrome, Firefox or Safari installed.
You can also use your computer providing it is equipped with a microphone and has the Chrome, Firefox or safari installed (preferably the latest version).

You also need a stable connection to the Internet of at least 1 Mbit/s but it is rather uncommon nowadays to have a slower one

Vivapp does not provide healthcare services nor psychotherapy. Unfortunately, lifestyle coaching even if provided by trained psychologists is not reimbursed by basic or supplemental health insurance in Switzerland.