Let’s walk the path together

1. I take the test

Our questionnaire takes you through a quick but accurate assessment of your general health and provides you with an overall index and scores by area.

2. I get my results

Your key strengths will be identified as well as areas for improvement (sleep, nutrition, positivity, etc.).

3. I choose my coach

After receiving the test result, and in accordance with your wishes, you will then have the opportunity to consult the coach of your choice. Our professional coaches provide you with personalised support based on the health goals you set for yourself.

4. I start my sessions

With the guidance of your coach you will set up a wellness programme with personalised exercises and made to measure methods.

5. I put solutions in place

Over time, and through meetings with your coach, you will make progress in consolidating your solutions and your new lifestyle choices.

6. I can use the app at anytime

You will also gain access to informative and relevant content via our app. Through our digital channels we publish a wide range of podcasts, fun videos and other content tailored to your needs with the aim of helping you reach your goals.

Start the test

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A free first session

to meet your coach
and make an assessment

Your benefits:

  • 30 minutes with your personal coach, whenever you feel the need
  • Choose between video or audio
  • Access the chat and share your progress with your coach
  • Set and track goals
  • No commitment
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And if you are convinced:

1 Session

45 CHF

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3 Sessions

90 CHF

30 CHF/session

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5 Sessions

150 CHF

30 CHF/session

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