But what actually happens here? And will it really help me move forwards?
What happens here will be determined by you together with your personal psychologist. It is an exchange in which you determine the content and the tempo. The counselling is completely tailored to your wishes.

Whether it will help you with your problem depends on several things: Do my own timing, my motivation and the desired goals all match? It is the perspective that does it! A good contact with the counsellor is a necessary basis.

Consultation in practice

Is my feeling large and important enough for counselling?

No matter what conflict you are burdened with. Whether it is that you are a woman with size 9 feet and you can’t find any shoes that fit, that the demands of your job are simply too much for you or that you are clueless as a father of a family with a wife who has left you.

You can address any issue through counselling. There are no right and wrong here.
It is always right to seek for impulses about how to find clarity, strength and new courage.

If your issue is too complex and urgent, this will become apparent in the counselling. You will then be able to create a plan with your personal counsellor about how to seek proper support on-site.

In any case, you can only be on the right track here. Talking about the problem openly is the only condition.

What will such an online psychologist actually do with me?

The most important thing is listening (or even reading).
In your chatroom, you have a safe place to finally get everything off your chest and get your thoughts and feelings into order in the telling (writing or talking).

This will bring you relief and a clarification of the situation first of all. Depending on your issue, you will also be given pointers as to what can help you in your situation. Depending on the working focus, your online psychologist has valuable methods that can help you thin out your chaos: pleasant and reassuring discussions, mental strategies, reflexion tasks and simple exercises – up to relaxation units in the live chat with video – the range is wide and you can try things out to find out what helps you.

Is online counselling different to counselling in a practice?

Of course, counselling in front of a technical terminal feels different to sitting in a room with the person. Corporal/energetic presence, body language and non-verbal cues play an important role in face-to-face counselling and therapies.

That’s why, in general, we consider online consulting to be a very effective complement.

This counselling particularly stimulates the person’s own reflection, thought and mental and emotional ordering capacities.

In addition, the quick contact through messaging has an emotionally supportive effect and gives a structure that is particularly necessary in stressful periods.

Does online counselling have particular advantages?

In general, online counselling gives flexibility regarding time and location, as well as anonymity regarding your request for counselling.

In addition, the perceived distance can generate a paradoxical effect of closeness, which moves things forwards faster.

Every medium that you can use in the online counselling has further advantages

The advantages

  • If you write time-delayed messages, you have flexibility in the timing and can write down your thoughts when it is convenient for you. Simply writing can unravel feelings and mental knots – bringing a little order to the chaos. A “correspondence” with the psychologist can thus introduce new thoughts and discoveries.
  • If you would actually prefer to be sitting face-to-face in a practice, but this is not possible for you for various reasons (availability on site, schedule problems), the video call is recommendable for you. It facilitates emotional connection and support when you need it the most.
A man smiling having a psychological consultation through his phone

In what does this counselling differ from a therapy?

The main criteria for counselling is that you are experiencing burdens that do not have a pathological character.

This means you should feel capable of addressing your issue independently in your everyday life with the support of this help, without feeling massively limited. Every psychotherapy or psychological treatment aims to heal a mental illness. Online counselling cannot make this claim.

With vivapp.ch, you will find clinical psychologists who can use their expert knowledge to determine whether a person requesting help is stable enough, or whether (additional) therapeutic support on-site is required.

How long does such counselling last?

The counselling lasts for as long as you want it to.

You can decide on a weekly basis how you wish to continue. It is helpful if you stipulate your expectations regarding duration and intensity right from the start. Goals that are defined together give direction.

What if I am not satisfied with the counselling?

Several things can affect whether you are satisfied with the counselling, for example:

  • Lack of comfort in the counselling process, as stressful issues are raised
  • Unclear or too high goals that cannot be achieved
  • Inappropriate medium (writing/audio/video)
  • Uncertainty when using apps and end devices
  • Problems keeping to appointments
  • Unsatisfactory contact with the counselling psychologist

There is a solution for everything: Please express your complaints directly during the counselling.
Associated strong feelings must be taken into account!
Change the medium, the fee or make appointments that are tailored to your needs. In rare cases, if the relation just doesn’t want to work, a change of psychologist can also help.

What if I want to interrupt or end the counselling?

Every shared path comes to an end – or maybe not.

Some people requesting help take a break due to professional or private reasons, and only get back into contact after several months. It is perfectly normal.

Even a departure with a good outcome does not always have to be definitive. The “sparring-partner” for a particular phase in your life can continue to remain available in the background.

Change requires time. A single discussion can make you feel better.

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